Chicken & Turkey Processing

At Meridian Meat Packers we provide the only USDA facility in Idaho for chicken & turkey processing.

We provide the equipment and utilities needed for:

  • Chicken Butchering
  • Chicken Plucking
  • Chicken Processing
  • Turkey Processing
  • Poultry Processing
  • Farm to Fork

Meridian Meat Packers is a proud processing and preserving facility in Meridian, Idaho. Our expert butchers take your fresh livestock through a carefully monitored preparation process to make it ready to cook. We take every precaution to ensure your meat is properly handled for a safe and delicious meal.

turkey chicken processing

Local farmers and hunters drop by today at 245 E. Blue Heron Lane in Meridian! Ask us about our Smoked Turkeys for a memorable Thanksgiving, Christmas, or holiday dinner.