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Poultry Processing

At Meridian Meat Packers we provide the only USDA facility in Idaho for chicken & turkey processing. The joint business being Idaho’s Own Poultry.

We provide the equipment and utilities needed for:

Chicken Processing & Turkey Processing

Our process includes the butchering, plucking and packaging of the bird. Your bird will be returned to you in one of two ways, depending on which you prefer.

First option being, whole, a whole bird will be air-chilled and shrink bagged. Shrink bagged is the method of bagging the chicken and then dunking the bagged bird into 180 degree Fahrenheit water, pushing all the air our of the opening and then securing it closed.

Second, cut up – When you select the cut up option, your bird will be air-chilled and then packaged by cut: legs, thighs, breast, backs, and wings. The cut ups will be packaged on a tray and vacuumed sealed.

Note: If you wish to keep the innards of the processed animals, you must request that when making the appointment and then at drop off. The innards include: heart, liver and gizzard. We can also keep the feet if they are deemed acceptable by the USDA inspectors.


Meridian Meat Packers is a proud processing and preserving facility in Meridian, Idaho. Our expert butchers take your fresh livestock through a carefully monitored preparation process to make it ready to cook. We take every precaution to ensure your meat is properly handled for a safe and delicious meal.

Turkey & Chicken Processing
  • $6.00 for a whole bird
  • $8.00 for a cut in half bird
  • $10.00 for a cut up bird ($4 for processing, $4 for cut up fee)
  • $8.00 for roosters and laying hens
  • $2.00 additional charge for those that request gizzards, heart and liver. (please request when making the appointment)
  • $1.20 per pound
If you would like to have your turkey processed AND smoked it will just be an additional $10 to the processing fee.
To book an appointment, give us a call!
You can call us at 208-888-1877 or visit us at
245 E. Blue Heron Lane, Meridian ID 83646.
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